Rinne Tensei - BANZAI JAPAN

I will accept it all, That love without place to go too

Rinne Tensei - BANZAI JAPAN
Mochimaru Yuuki (@yuuki_BJ) performing Rinne Tensei at IDOL LIVE JAPAN on 12/02/24

A small preface before digging into the translation of this amazing song: sometimes I wonder if I'm still in love with the ever-so-glooming social medias and internet in general, but working on projects like this reminds me of how many nice people are out there willing to go the extra mile to help others with what they love and I can't be more happy.
Thanks to Yuri (@YuriMaker), Saba, Riko (not the BJ member :P) and Cherry for the big help with the translation and also a massive thank you to @RyuCha3, the creator of this song, who helped us by shedding light on some parts of the lyrics we struggled fully understanding.
I hope this translation can be considered worthy of this amazing song.

The Circle of Transmigration


Lyrics & Arrangement : Saito Ryuusuke

Lyrics video from the official Cospanic channel

Japanese English

浮世にまみれる世で すっと
光のよう 曇り空 割って

全知全能 すべてを
見透かすような その目で
この身 捧げよ
来世邂逅 あなたと
もう戻れない この夢から


離さない 離さない
そばにいる そう言ってよ

Determined destinies
(As you said to me)
There's more than one
(I won’t doubt you)
Let’s fall in this dangerous love
(I can’t help but fall in love)
We will love each other
(I believe it is destiny)

In a world covered in fleeting lives - suddenly
Your hand that reached out was
Like a light opening up a cloudy sky
Don’t let go

With those eyes that seem to see through everything
My heart was pierced

I offer this body
In our encounter in the next world
And again the day I’m reborn
Let me stay close to you forever

Is this a dream I can’t return from?

The kiss with you
(I won’t forget it any more)
I won’t forget it from now on
(Intertwined fingers)
Let’s make this wish come true
(Look only at me)
Have eyes only for me
(Voices of a shared wish)
Reciprocate my love for you
(My heart is captivated)
My heart continues to be captivated
(I believe)
It will drive me crazy
(That smile, again)
That smile I’m attracted to
(I want to know)
Listening to my heart
(Every time our eyes meet)
Gaze gently at me
(Only with you)
I will keep wishing for that
(My feelings waver)
Is it okay to love you?
(And become invisible)

Don’t let go Don’t let go
I’ll always be by your side, just say it
“You’re the only one for me”
I know that won’t reach you

No matter how many times I fall in love
I will never feel satisfied
“You're surely the last one"
Or not, you just make me think that
I will accept it all
That love without place to go too
A dream you’ve never seen before
I will show it to you soon
Love me until I wither away
(I’ll love you until then)
Make me flutter
It’s okay
Come on
Satisfy me
As I wish

The main concept of the song is about a god who keeps falling in love with human women and the different perspectives such a love story can create!

One of the main features of the song hits the listener from the very first verse, with the two voices of the god and a human overlapping, sharing their desire to love each other. The god is already aware of the dangers such a love can bring, but that doesn't stop him from falling in love.

The first chorus is then fully sang from the perspective of the woman, highlighted by very divine images (the reaching hand of the god compared to a light opening up the sky) and the emphasis put on the limits of her mortal life.

The overlapping voices return for the second verse too, this time with a second woman taking over in place of the first one.
This time the god express doubts about the futility of it all - wondering if it's still okay for him to love, a feeling that then explodes into the final chorus with the instruments following suit.
In this final chorus, entirely sang from the god's perspective, the god conveys his desire to experience a love so perfect that he will finally be satisfied and no longer need to go through this circle (of transmigration).

Special mention to the "きっと君が最後だ なんてね思わせて" part, which was a real headscratcher for quite a few days and what pushed me to contact the writer himself to ask about the intended meaning 😄

And that's all, thank you for taking the time to read and listen to this fantastic song. There would be more to talk about, like the choreography performed by the BANZAI JAPAN members matching the mood of the song, how some of the lyrics are "cyclical" to match the theme or like how 求める could be translated differently to accentuate a different meaning but I will leave those for you to explore. This song is loved by many members and fans for a reason and I hope I helped sharing that love to you too.

In addition to the lyrics video, you can watch the song performed live at a recent (February 2024) show at this link: https://youtu.be/SmH5gzZkuyQ?si=Cggu88FNAjIV6BBO&t=8520, it's where I took the screenshot featured in this post. Mochimaru singing with all her might is an absolute joy to watch 🩷

P.S. I'm trying out this format, I think it works better than just dumping the lyrics on twitter through a few screenshots - let me know on twitter if there's something you think I could improve on/add.

Thanks again to everyone that helped with this small project 🫶