Aoi Hoshi - BANZAI JAPAN Front 7

Blue star, the place of hope. BANZAI JAPAN Front 7 1st major single

Aoi Hoshi - BANZAI JAPAN Front 7

This is a repost of the first translation posted on twitter in November '23.
Thanks to Yuri (@YuriMaker), Saba, Riko for helping out with this one.

Blue Star


Performer: BANZAI JAPAN Front 7
Lyrics: Koyama Kanae
Composition/Arrangement: Maeguchi Wataru

Aoi Hoshi Music Video

Japanese English
光る銀河 旅立ちの日
月の石を 握りしめ
君に 君に
きっと 今より大好きになる

碧い星 希望の場所
「地球 (ここ)から見る 夜の月
満ちて欠けて 飽きないんだ」
君の言葉 染み込んで
いつかいつか 見たいと思った
(oh yeah~)
風が 優しく撫でた
もう二度と もう二度と
あの時に 生まれ変わったよ
新しい未来を 歩ける気がしてる
きっと 今よりも強くなれる
碧い星 大きくなる
The starry sky is clearer than usual
The galaxy is shining The day of the departure
Grasping tightly on this lunar rock
With the promise of giving it
to you, to you
The feeling that sprouted from my chest
Jumping across the constellation
I feel I can create a new future
When I touch you
I’m sure I’ll come to love you even more than now

Since I was born here (the moon)
I’ve been always gazing
Blue star, the place of hope
“Viewing the moon at night from here (Earth)
Waxing and waning, I never get tired of it”
Your words seeped in
Someday, someday, I wanted to see it
There’s things that don’t make sense
I will follow my racing heart
No matter where
(oh yeah~)
The wind is caressing gently
I won’t forget those tears
I don’t want to regret it
never again, never again
At that moment I was reborn
I feel like I can walk in a new future
Across the gap
I’m sure I’ll become stronger than now
Because it’s truly beautiful
I’ve been always gazing
Blue star, it grows bigger
In the light
A smile emerges
My heart beating fast
The place of hope

The theme of love stories between moon people and humans is not a novelty in Japanese literature, with the biggest example being The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (often known as The Tale of Princess Kaguya) - but this song takes a more positive spin on it elevating Earth to the place of hope and reuniting the two lovers at the end of the song.
Mochimaru once told me that "If you ever feel down, listen to this song", and it really is a nice song to cheer someone up so I can hope you too reading this can be cheered up by this wonderful song.

A small note on the "When I touch you" part: it's not specified which type of touching it really is and it's left to the listener to interpret - Shiori for example thinks it's a more emotional type of touch and I tend to agree (

This song was part of the first major single of Front 7.
At the time of release, the group was formed by 5 members of BANZAI JAPAN (Mochimaru Yuuki, Ando Maika, Fujisaki Shiori, Fujisaki Fumi and Ichinose Kana) - the unit also included fellow BANZAI JAPAN members Satou Sena and Nanase Aoi until their graduation.
You can listen to the single on various streaming platforms

Since January 2024 Asahina Mimi of Heroine no Kokoroe (Also under
Cospanic Entertainment) joined the group, and you can watch them perform at the most recent Kaizoku Fes