Who am I?

Good question! I'm Gabriele, an Italian guy living in Turin who likes japanese idols a bit too much :P

You can find me mostly on twitter MrG4bbo probably RTing some cute idols, fanboying over the latest Kamen Rider and crying how I have to travel outside Italy to enjoy idols because we can't seem able to do expos about japanese culture. Feel free to follow and talk to me!

What is a bicerin?

Another good question! Bicerin is a local drink perfect for the cold seasons made of chocolate, coffee and milk. If you are ever around Turin, you should definitely give it a try!

We also produce a liqueur with the same name, which my friends commonly refer to as the "motor oil" due to its density. Give this one a try too if you can!

Why japanese idols?

A certain idol anime for kids featuring a strawberry protagonist taught me that there's a SHINING LINE* connecting idols and fans alike. Seeing these girls push forward makes me also want to push forward with the brightest smile I can conjure on my face.

That, and idol concerts are so much fun, especially those of "underground" idols.